Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Andrew on Wheels on 04-11-2010

Since my last post, you’ll be pleased to know that I am a lot better.

Having been dosed up on painkillers, sleeping about 13 hours a day and getting plenty of vitamins in me, I  feel fit and ready to face another cycling challenge! (I feel fit healthwise but definitely not exercise wise – am going to have to get on my trainer tonight as soon as possible and get my stamina up!)

So the Mrs is waiting for the definite all clear from the doctor before she books our flights and villa and then we will be all good to go. It will be back to carb drinks, glucose bars and 2 hour hill climbs after work to make sure im at optimum fitness ready to face Gran Canaria!

It may sound like hell to you but I can’t wait to get back on those two wheels!