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Hello cycling enthusiasts.

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for not being able to update my blog while I was travelling through Scotland.

I was unfortunate enough to have an accident on the first day and was therefore unable to complete the rest of my challenge. An extremely irritating and discouraging experience for an cyclist. When you have trained so hard for a long time and then physically and mentally prepare yourself for a tough ride, it is always hard to accept major setbacks in your plans. I am on the mend now…still bandaged up in places but I am feeling a lot better.

The doctor thinks I should be better for Gran Canaria. Here is more information about the race I will be entering. It definitely looks like a hard course, especially in the Canarian Winter Sun but I am really looking forward to challenging myself on those climbs.
The Mrs normally books us an apartment or villa for the week as its normally a bit quieter than staying in a hotel and it means I can get plenty of rest before the next race day. We usually stay in Maspalomas in the south of the island as thats where most of the good restaurants and bars are located and there also good places to shop and play golf in the afternoons. The daily races normally begin quite early in the morning so I am normally back at the villa around 3pm in the afternoon – just in time for a big lunch and a snooze in the sun!

All I’ve got to do now is get myself on the mend and then I’ll have a few weeks to start some more training and start all over again! Fingers crossed no fails on the first day this time…

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Hello and thank you for checking out ‘Andrew on Wheels’

I am currently doing my intensive training for my 5 day cycle tour through Scotland. I will be battling physical strength, harsh weather and off the beaten track terrain in order to complete my goal.

This is of course all one big experience to prepare me for Gran Canaria in December where I will be entering the Maspalomas race. Travelling around the island in a total of four days.

Both distinctively different challenges. Both equally as important.

I look forward to having you on board.